U-FIT Performance Swim Goggles

U-FIT Performance Swim Goggles Features

Latest In Anti Fog Goggle Technology

Full Wide Range Vision

100% U.V. Protection

Smart Fit With Soft Silicone To Mold To Face Size

Crystal Clear Vision

Easy, Quick Release Head Strap

Adjustable To Fit Most Sizes

Double Layer Silicone Seal To Prevent Water Leaking

Latex Free

U-FIT Performance Swim Goggles Specifications

Lens: PC

Lens Options: Polarized mirror coating

Gasket: Silicone

Frame: Silicone

​Strap: Silicone​

Suitable for: Early teens to Adult, multiple colors for unisex.

Sports: Swimming, surfing, triathlon, kayaking, jet ski and etc.